Admin/Coder/Webmaster/Postmaster: Dries007.

This service is deprecated. You can now access the API directly. Documentation on that here.
For help and information, join us on Discord: #cursemeta Ask for private access if you need it, use the public channel otherwise.

This service is kept online because MultiMC relies on it for it's Twitch/CurseForge modpack installation.
The only endpoint that is still maintained is /{project_id}/{file_id}.json.

Any contribution to the cost of keeping it online is greatly appreciated via Patreon or PayPal.

CurseMeta is not associated with Minecraft (and/or Mojang and/or Microsoft) and/or Curse (and/or Twitch and/or Amazon).
This service is provided as medium to facilitate interoperability between the Curse mod database and third party tools.