Warning: Everything is broken.

Required reading

You MUST set your User-Agent header to something unique and identifiable to your project. Including a website or email address is highly encouraged.

All data is cached for (up to) 4 hours. Please do not make more frequent requests if it can be avoided.

You must handle null values everywhere, but in particular in array/object fields. The API is not consistent about returning null or empty arrays/objects. If invalid data is provided the response may be an error or a null, or an object with all null values.

Any endpoint from CurseMeta v1 is now deprecated and/or removed.
Lost functionality will be restored over time. For progress see this GitHub issue.

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API Status & Layout


List of endpoints

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API Status

GET /api/
    "status": "string (OK = good)",
    "message": "string|None",
    "apis": [